Turnkey Manufacturing Process

A supply chain process where multiple vendors are managed in a complex arrangement to deliver parts is very common, but think about how complex it is.  Think about the effort your team puts in to successfully manage part delivery.  Think about how much time your quality and expediting department spends at each vendor.  Think about how much time your accounts payable department spends getting vendors paid. It is actually quite daunting.  Turnkey manufacturing is helping many of our clients and is something OEM’s should consider.  

Purchasing, Quality, and Logistics are juggling communications and time between 3, 4, or more different shops, like machining, welding, coating, and NDE.   The part will pass through ten or more different processes, vendors, and deliveries before it goes to final production and delivery.  This presents OEMs with numerous points of contact, quality systems to manage, and deliveries to coordinate – and room for error.  There is nothing wrong with this process however working with a single turnkey manufacturing supplier will help you in numerous ways.  Consider your alternatives.

Streamline your process by integrating these process steps under a single, turnkey manufacturing partner – Acculloy Manufacturing Solutions.  

One PO     |     One Point of Contact     |     One Invoice

Saving you time, money, and headaches.

Traditional Manufacturing Process

Traditional Manufacturing Process

Added complexity of multiple vendors

Complex communications between stakeholders

Increased amount of paperwork

•  PO’s

•  Invoices

•  Quality Records

•  Payables

Management of numerous delivery dates

Constantly putting out fires

Last minute production delays

Limited insight into production schedules

Expensive hot-shots

The Acculloy Advantage – Turnkey Manufacturing

Acculloy Turnkey Manufacturing


Single vendor

Single point of contact

Single paperwork stream

Delivery schedule managed internally

Let’s Us Quote a Part – You Have Nothing to Lose

Best case scenario:  You save your company lost of time and money.

Worst case scenario: You gain pricing intelligence you can share with your internal team with minimal effort 

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